Wimzee Is Where Learners and Parents Can Find Amazing Creative Experiences

We make learning fun, social, and self-directed.

Wimzee was launched from the simple idea that creativity wins and that we need to prepare our children to be as creative as possible. Our technology-enabled marketplace fosters relationships between parents, learners, and instructors of creative experiences from skateboarding to making beats. We empower families and instructors alike by building our marketplace in partnership with them to create powerful technology solutions to their day-to-day challenges.

Our Story So Far...

Wimzee is an innovative creative experiences marketplace that offers a variety of engaging, creative experiences in-person and online. Unlike traditional classes, Wimzee gives kids the unique opportunity to explore unusual creative experiences via interactive, live video, and in-person by experienced, independent creatives. When Wimzee was founded in 2021, families have become accustomed to allocating resources to STEM and test-taking, but needed technology to make it easier to find creative experiences to help ensure that learners were also developing character strengths and multiple intelligences.