Education is more than high grades. It’s also about nurturing talent and creativity.

Supplement your child’s education by first identifying their interest. Then hire the expert instructors on making music beats, songwriting, DIY crafting, video editing, or other unconventional skills on Wimzee. You can also hire an expert educator through a local homeschool co-op or public school program.

This article shows you how to supplement homeschooling by hiring expert instructors and where to find the experts.

Let’s dive in.

Why supplement homeschooling?

Self-reliance needs creativity. When your homeschooled daughter transitions from homeschooling to college, she will have to be creative. A test-based curriculum falls short in nurturing creativity.

Creativity meaning, to come up with a new solution or product (like lyrics).

In 2010, IBM interviewed more than 1,500 CEOs to find out the key to future success.

The executives affirmed that more than anything else, creativity helps in navigating future problems.

There are different ways to foster creativity.

Either way, it’s up to you to awaken the creativity in your child.

Expert instructors will foster your child’s creativity

A creative instructor shows your child different ways to practice their interest, like hip-hop dancing. As he learns new dance moves, it opens up a world of possibilities. It fuels creativity.

This is supplementing homeschooling with creative education.

You provide resources for your child to explore their interests.

Creativity improves academic performance

Studies find a positive correlation between creativity and academic performance. Psychologists attribute these findings to increased confidence and motivation when a child creates/does something new.

When he solves one problem (like a dance move), it tickles his curiosity. Could he solve that math problem after all?

It changes his worldview.

Learning becomes enjoyable, and he may look forward to solving more problems.

Creative classes develop an independent thinker—a creative.

Ultimately, some homeschooled kids grow up to find success in their creativity rather than college degrees.

Here’s how to supplement homeschooling by hiring expert instructors

First, identify your child’s interests. Then look for an expert educator in that field And schedule some time for creative classes.

There’s always someone to nurture that seed into a full-blown talent, so why not?

1. Identify your child’s interests

Anything that captures your child’s interest might be an interest. If you still don’t know your child’s interests, you ask them.

If your child can’t decide, here’s how you can help them identify their interests:

  • Notice all the things she seems to like (websites, videos, movies, TV shows, places, etc.) Then discuss your observations with your child to identify the specific interests.
  • Visit different events and places (concert, museum, art gallery, park, zoo, sports events, etc.)
  • Introduce different activities that you think she might like. Like yoga, fashion classes, skateboarding etc.
  • Introduce magazines, books, and other age-appropriate experiences.
  • Encourage your child to explore and have regular conversations about her interests.

2. Find an expert instructor in your child’s interest

If you are looking for unconventional skills (content creation, video editing, DJing, rap, or meditation), look into W.imzee. For drawing and painting classes, check out HomeArtStudio. For piano classes, explore HoffmanAcademy.

If your child’s interest requires a team, join a local homeschooling co-op or a public school.

Let’s explore these further.

Unconventional skills instructors on Wimzee

Wimzee is a marketplace that connects your child to creative instructors on making music beats, DJing, rap, songwriting, hip-hop dancing and other modern skills.

Is your child an aspiring Youtuber? Through Wimzee, your child will learn content creation, video editing and filmmaking.

Sounds good?

How about skateboarding?

Well, there’s more.

In a fast-changing world where information overload drives us further from our nature, self-awareness cannot be understated.

Wimzee has expert instructors on self-awareness, reflection, meditation and yoga.

Does your child love animals?

Introduce them to the fascinating world of urban farming and gardening!

Wimzee is your platform for expert instructors on modern and unconventional creative skills.

Is your child interested in painting or drawing?

Online art instructor on HomeArtStudio

HomeArtStudio has free and paid lessons to nurture your child’s passion for painting and drawing. You buy a DVD program with a pdf lesson plan and an easy-to-follow video tutorial.

The program is designed to build creativity and problem-solving in kindergarten to fourth-grade children.

You don’t need to be an artist (or have art knowledge) to guide your child through the course.

They also show you where to get the art supplies.

Though it’s difficult to measure the impact of arts on academic performance, there are other benefits.

A recent trial study found that kids who participated in art classes significantly improved their college aspirations and reduced indiscipline.

The study also noted that the kids who received more art classes were more compassionate.

Is your child interested in playing the piano? They can learn from the expert pianist and educator, Mr. Hoffman.

Expert piano instructor at Hoffman Academy

Hoffman Academy has a homeschool piano program with short video tutorials, practice plans, and progress tracking. They have a free trial and many resources on the website that you could use before subscribing to their monthly or annual packages.

Right from day one, your child learns how to play real-world songs. They also learn music theory (patterns, melodies), techniques, piano composition, and more.

Plus, you can join your child in the piano classes.

If your child’s interest requires more resources, like a team or a lab, you can keep the costs down through a homeschooling co-op or public school resources.

The 2019 NCES report found that 61% of parents supplement homeschooling with homeschooling groups or local co-ops.

Hire expert instructors through homeschooling Co-ops

Homeschool co-ops pool resources from homeschooling parents to hire expert instructors for group classes. The homeschooled children meet once in a while for these specific classes, like a weekly orchestra class.

Some parents may pay for the classes with their time, e.g., as instructors. At the same time, others could pay with money.

Homeschooling groups also allow kids to socialize and celebrate milestones like prom.

It’s the antidote to the isolation that’s typical of homeschooled kids.

An easy place to look for a homeschool co-op near you is through

You simply select your state, and you’ll get a list of homeschooling groups, local co-ops, and resources.

Before joining a homeschool co-op, confirm that the co-op’s education philosophy aligns with yours. Plus, if they have the resources, you're looking for.

Another easier option is to join the online homeschool co-op, Homeschool Buyers Co-op.

Here, you access homeschooling resources at great prices.

It’s free to join.

If there’s no local co-op near you, you can start your homeschool co-op.

After all, that’s how every homeschool co-op began. Some started as a two-parent group, but they grow as homeschooling becomes popular.

Get inspiration from Caro Topp’s book on how to start and run a homeschool co-op.

The next alternative would be using public school resources.

Join an athletic program through the public school resources

Your public school district could allow your homeschooled child into their athletic programs. Check on your state’s education department website or contact the school district for clarifications.

Each school district has a different program (with different policies) to supplement homeschooling. It depends on the state agency’s requirements.

Some may require your child to pass a standardized test. After you find your tutor, add the creative activity to your curriculum schedule.

3. Schedule time for creative classes

Discuss with your child the best time for the activity.

Pick a time that works for both your child and you.

After you’ve picked the new time, add the creative activity to your homeschooling schedule.


To supplement homeschooling, start by identifying your child’s interests. If modern skills like DJing, making music beats, or mindfulness, hire a creative instructor from Wimzee here.

Hire your drawing expert on HomeArtStudio and the expert pianist on HoffmanAcademy.

If you need a complete athletics program, join a local homeschool co-op or public school program.

After finding your expert instructor, decide with your child the best time in your homeschooling schedule.

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