Whether you’re looking for new ways to keep your child entertained or want to improve their overall physical health, skateboarding may just be the activity you have been looking for! It will provide them with an outlet that is both fun and creative.

Skateboarding can help your child develop balance, coordination, motor skills, and spatial awareness. It also fosters teamwork, which promotes cooperation and communication skills. As a result, they will learn to be more creative and efficient at problem-solving skills.

Studies demonstrate that skating helps children become physically and mentally stronger. Although it seems strange because of the hazards that go hand in hand with skateboarding, it helps your child become confident as they start to believe in themselves.

This article shows you how skateboarding can have unexpected physical, mental, and social benefits.

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Skateboarding improves health and fitness

Skateboarding provides children with a full-body workout as they use a variety of movements to propel the board.  They exercise their arms, legs, torso, and feet as they twist with each turn. Balance is a significant part of skateboarding, so their core will strengthen while their legs get a good workout.

The skateboard is one of the most accessible and enjoyable ways for your child to stay healthy at no extra cost. Besides being fun, skateboarding burns fat and tones your body.

Skateboarding is also an excellent muscle-building exercise. When your child tries tricks like a kickflip, toe flip, ollie, hardflip, and dolphin, their muscles and joints work together. So when they skateboard regularly, their muscles will eventually get stronger.

A skateboarder needs to constantly move their hands, legs, knees, and head to maintain balance.  As a result, skateboarding is a great overall workout for your child.

Skateboarding can also help your child lose weight as they burn off excess calories without needing to go to the gym.

Build decision-making skills with skateboarding

Skateboarding encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills in children. They can apply that insight into academics which is valuable for education at college or university.

Skateboarding is more than a sport. Like other physical activities, skating improves overall brain function by increasing the blood flow to your brain. As a result, your child becomes more creative and decisive.

Your child might practice a new trick thousands of times before they get it right. They get creative to come up with new routines and tricks on their skateboard.

Skateboarding combats depression

Riding a skateboard also releases endorphins in your child’s brain, which reduces anxiety and prevents depression. Since it is an outdoor activity, your child gets a break from their busy, stressful routine.

A little time on their skateboard is a refreshing activity that relaxes the mind and body.

Boost your child’s resilience with skateboarding

Skateboarding will challenge your child in many ways and teach them movement skills. When your child tries different stances and gains new experiences, it keeps their minds alert and active. When they fail and keep going, they become resilient.

Skateboarding is a sport that requires skaters to learn and develop strategies to succeed.  Your child may perform a stunt hundreds of times before becoming proficient or being rewarded for their efforts.

Skateboarding teaches patience and perseverance

Skateboarding needs practice and yet more practice. It is easy to walk with a skateboard, but learning ollies or kickflips takes a longer time and practice. Children learn to be more patient while figuring out the tips and tricks of skateboarding, enabling them to be productive. They learn to push through the challenges because it is worth it in every way.

Skateboarding teaches children humility. One day their skating may be on point, and they glide along smoothly. The next day, learning a new trick can turn out to be a long battle. They are always going to fall.

Sometimes they learn a stunt in one day, and then the next day, they just can't get anything right. Suddenly they keep losing their balance and crash into the pavement. However, all this is a part of the game.

This way, your child will understand a valuable life lesson. They may keep falling, but that’s not the end of the world. The only thing that matters is they get up and try again.

Your child also learns to remain calm once they figure out that losing a temper can take them longer to succeed.  If they stay calm and collected, it will help them analyze where they went wrong and correct it.

Create a sense of community with skateboarding

Skateparks facilitate a feeling of belonging among skaters as they connect with people who share a similar passion. Your child will get the opportunity to interact with children from other communities. They will develop tolerance and acceptance as they meet with skaters of different races and genders.

Skateboarding is an excellent way for children to develop their social skills. Most importantly, skateboarders are generous and supportive of each other. Your child becomes part of a community linked by mutual interest. They will find friends they can relate to.

With skateboard buddies, it motivates your child to practice new stunts to show off.

Skateboarding is the ideal sport for extroverts and introverts too.

Suppose your child is an introvert and likes to have their own space. In that case, they can focus on skating with one skate buddy from the skatepark. It will be an opportunity to make a new close friend with whom they share a passion.

Skateboarding builds courage

Your child will become braver by facing their fears and overcoming them with determination. They will understand that skateboarding requires goal-setting, courage, and discipline.

When your child first starts skating, it’s pretty usual for them to be scared. There is the fear of falling and getting injured. They are also afraid of other children laughing at them as they struggle to find their balance on the skateboard.

However, your child will soon learn to let go of any fear with support. They won’t let anything be an obstacle in front of their target.

If your child is good at skateboarding, they can quickly master other sports such as diving, rollerblading, and ice skating.


Skateboarding is a fast-paced sport that teaches children the importance of responsibility. They learn to balance themselves on a board, build their confidence, and become more active.  Skateboarders also have improved reflexes and can persevere through difficult times with ease!

When your child is in a rigorous academic environment, they apply those skill sets into their learning. If they struggle with a test or an assignment, they remember the lessons they learned on their skateboard.

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